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Our mission

to advance policy solutions that improve the lives of people affected by alpha-gal syndrome

Who we are

We are an army of people with alpha-gal syndrome who are tired of waiting for change and are ready to be the change.

Our organization

Alpha-gal Alliance is the ONLY nonprofit dedicated solely to advancing policy to benefit people with alpha-gal syndrome. 

Alpha-gal Alliance Action Fund is the advocacy partner of Alpha-gal Alliance, a nonprofit that promotes the health and well-being of people with alpha-gal syndrome through education, advocacy, research, and community support. It is an affiliated but separate organization. As a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, the Alpha-gal Alliance Action Fund engages in various advocacy and political activities for which Alpha-gal Alliance, a 501(c)(3) organization, faces legal limitations.

Please note that contributions to the Alpha-gal Alliance Action Fund are NOT tax-deductible, and a portion may be used for political activities.


Sharon, Julie, and Andy do not receive salaries; they volunteer their time to run Alpha-gal Alliance Action Fund.

Julie Sibbing

Julie Sibbing

Co-founder, Advocacy Director

Julie's bio

Julie is co-founder of Alpha-gal Alliance. Sibbing has worked on conservation policy in Washington, DC for over 25 years and is currently Associate Vice President for Land Stewardship at the National Wildlife Federation. She holds a B.S. in Life Sciences and a Masters in Forest Ecology, both from the University of Illinois. An avid outdoorswoman, Ms. Sibbing contracted alpha-gal about 24 years ago.

Sharon Forsyth

Sharon Forsyth

Co-founder, Executive Director

Sharon's bio

Sharon is the founder of Alpha-gal Alliance and co-founder of Alpha-gal Alliance Action Fund. After being diagnosed with alpha-gal syndrome in 2019, Sharon searched for information that would help her navigate this complex condition but found little. Not wanting others in the alpha-gal community to experience the same frustration, she organized the Alpha-gal Syndrome Awareness Campaign. With the campaign team, she created the Alpha-gal Information website, the most extensive resource on alpha-gal syndrome.

Sharon has been involved in conservation most of her life. She was director of Conservation International’s Africa Program, president of the Beneficia Foundation, and served on the boards of American Bird Conservancy and Bat Conservation International. Prior to her conservation work, Sharon was a Peace Corps volunteer in Botswana, where she taught agriculture. She holds a BA in biology and economics.

Sharon contracted AGS while pursuing her interest in natural history. She lives in Washington, DC with her biologist husband, Adrian Forsyth, who also has AGS.

Andy Birkey

Andy Birkey

Communications Director

Andy's bio

Andy Birkey is communications expert with over 20 years of multifaceted experience in journalism, social media, and strategic communications for nonprofit sectors. His career has been committed to leveraging creative storytelling, analytics-driven social marketing, and strategic outreach to empower organizations and drive social change. He currently runs and owns Andy Birkey, LLC, a full service creative communications business. 

He’s also a photographer and wildlife biologist, specializing in invertebrate biology, with a degree in forest ecology. He’s conducted invertebrate wildlife surveys for local, state, and national entities. 

He was diagnosed with Alpha-gal Syndrome in 2020, and had symptoms for at least a decade prior. He currently runs an Alpha-gal safe recipe blog called Feathers and Fins (FeathersFins.com) where he recreates the recipes of his childhood, especially the German and Swedish dishes his grandma would make on the farm in central Illinois. 

He spent 20 years stomping through the bogs, prairies, and forests of Minnesota before moving to Colorado to explore the prairies and mountains. 


Alpha-gal Alliance Action Fund works with other organizations, experts, and those affected by AGS to develop and advocate for practical, effective policy solutions.

Our sister organization

Alpha-gal Alliance

Alpha-gal Alliance is our sister organization. It is a separate but affiliated a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to promoting the health and well-being of people with alpha-gal syndrome. Unlike Alpha-gal Alliance Action Fund, Alpha-gal Alliance can accept tax-deductible donation.

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