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Use these free resources to help you communicate about alpha-gal syndrome. 

Key statistics on alpha-gal syndrome

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Download Key Statistics PDF

Alpha-gal syndrome infographic

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Policy Priorities Summary

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Alpha-gal Syndrome: a Growing Public Health Crisis

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Download Public Health Crisis Brochure PDF

Background information

  • Draw on this background information to strengthen your call for legislative action with data.
  • This information is specific to Virginia and includes information related to making AGS a reportable condition in VA.
  • We can often help you adapt this background information for your state and advocacy priorities (provided they align with ours), but allow us some time for this.
  • If you choose to use this information, please properly cite Alpha-gal Information as the source.

Download background information PDF

Tips for meeting with your elected representatives

Face-to-Face with Congress: Before, During, and After Meetings with Legislators

This document includes lots of tips for setting up and managing meetings with your elected representatives.

More coming soon!

Advocacy Toolkits

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